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Post departure services

We pride ourselves in a strong alumni network in all the countries we operate in. Our alumni network gives you access to thousands of members who are willing to assist you with various post departure needs such as finding the right accommodation for your stay, shopping for your basic needs, adjusting to a new culture, jobs and income as well as little things like airport pick-ups.

We want you to feel a part of a community from the second you land in your new country of choice! We truly want it to feel like you’re at a home away from home. To do that, we make sure our services don’t end once you fly away. Our counsellors remain available round-the-clock so that you have support available whenever you need. Many of our counsellors have been on the same overseas journey that you are currently on and can help you with all those little things that you have questions about – like, airport pick-ups, accommodation, insurance, foreign exchange, medical provisions and so on! Our doors are also always open for your parents and family in case you face any difficulties.

QEAC licensed Education Consultant based in Australia and having branch offices in India, Canada and New Zealand.

We have been successful in giving our expert services to international students for past 15 years.


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EXCELLENT ! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for common People who aspire to go abroad for studies ! I did a lot of research before I chose any consultant. Most of them just take your case only if it’s strong enough (Financially and otherwise). But, with Manish bhai it was nothing less than a sigh of relief. He guided us (Me and my Wife) in a right way from the beginning. We Got our visa’s without any hassles.
Thank you Manish bhai !! You made the impossible into Possible.

Saf Saif

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