The UK is steeped deep in history and a rich legacy of universities of high repute such as Oxford and Cambridge. The UK boasts 18 universities within the worlds top 100 and for this reason, attracts thousands of students each year from across the globe.

Education in the UK leads the way in science, engineering, art, design, finance, management and law, with the capital city of London being featured s one of the top ten livable cities in the world for international students. Its science department has a legacy and is well sought-after, being a destination for some of the worlds top thinkers.

International Students

The UK education system is recognised globally and is well regarded. The UK boasts 160 educational institutions for international students to study at, with many scholarships, internships, work-placements, volunteer and financial aid available depending on the University and programs with which they enrol.

Benefits of studying in the UK

With such a well-regarded reputation, studying in the UK is a top choice for international students. There are many benefits of studying in the UK, including:

  • Globally recognised degrees.
  • Specialised modules tailored to your interests.
  • High Ranked universities.
  • An array of specialisations.
  • More than 50,000 courses to choose from.
  • Short and intensive courses.
  • Easy Admission and Visa process.
  • A large number of scholarships and bursaries.
  • The option of one-year Master with one-year work placement.

Education Costs

Prices for study in the UK range from $10,000GBP to $22,000GBP pear year. While costs will be dependent on the University, the average cost of living is easily around $10,000GBP and $12,000GBP per year. The combined expenses will average to around $20,000GBP and $30,000GBP a year.

Qualifying Exams

  • PTE