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Reasons of Canada Student Visa Rejection & Valuable Tips to Avoid the Mistakes

When you thinking about studying abroad, first of all you must have to learn everything about student visa application. Canada student visa refusal is a common concern and very disturbing for international students who put all their efforts to get it all correct. If you willing to apply for study visa of Canada then read the blog to avoid all the mistakes and get benefited  

7 Reasons of student visa rejection in Canada:

Here are few reasons.

1. English language expertise:

The student must pass the IELTS exams and get the required score, if you fail to meet the criteria ,it may result in a student visa rejection.

2. Insufficient funds:

The visa application may be rejected if a student is unable to show the sufficient money to manage their expenditure during the first year of the course or program. Student must have to provide valid documentation along with visa application.

3. Clarity about return to home country:

The validity of study permit is temporary; it ends after a specific time, student have to provide valid documentation to prove intent to return home after the visa expires. Lack of valid documentation will lead to visa rejection.

4. Choice of programs:

The educational background of student and the course you will select in the future is highly important to immigration officials. If there is no career progression, sudden change in streams or career gap, they will reject your application 

5. Acceptance letter:

The approval letter from Canadian designated learning institution (DLI) is important for the study permit application, not only the acceptance letter but also the student have to fulfill the entrance criteria for the respective school.

6.  Insufficient Documentation:

The main reason of study visa rejection is faulty or insufficient documentation. Make sure your documents are strong and trustworthy.

7.  Low Chances of Employment in Home Country:

The lack of job chances of the candidate in their home country implicit that the candidate may not be willing to go back home and prefer to stay permanently in Canada, this may cause visa rejection


What is Student direct stream in Canada?

The Student Direct Stream (SDS) is an expedited study permit processing program for those who are applying to study in Canada at a post-secondary designated learning institution (DLI).

Tips for applying for student visa:

  • Prepare all the documents you will need for application of Canadian visa as mentioned on the official website of the government of Canada.
  • Carefully fill the application form, avoid making errors and provide all necessary information.
  • Statement should be brief and well written to enhance your chance of visa approval.
  •  Ensure to upload a copy of the Letter of acceptance received from a Designated Learning Institution. You must start your visa application process as soon as you receive this letter.
  • Bank statements must be collected and make sure you have enough balance
  • Mention all your foreign travel histories.
  • Undertake the necessary medical exams.
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Author: Mr Manish Sharma

Study Abroad Consultant

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