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Why Choose to Study MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia – Here has been a tenfold increase in the number of international students traveling to Russia to study MBBS degrees in the past ten years. Medical colleges in Russia enjoy an excellent reputation and employ current methodologies in the delivery of courses. Around thirty medical faculties in Russia can be found in the list of world rankings for universities, proving that the quality of tuition offered by these institutions is progressive. Russian Schools of Medicine number around fifty-seven and a major reason for their marketability is the high teacher-student ratio: 7:1. Furthermore, graduates’ qualifications are acknowledged by the World Health Organization, and medical councils of the U.S.A., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Middle East, Canada and India, ensuring future employability.

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Why Indian Student Study MBBS in Russia?

Russia offers an affordable lifestyle for Indian students, and applicants are admitted to MBBS courses without needing to pass an entrance examination. Course fees remain low due to educational subsidies by the Russian government, and it is possible for many scholars from the subcontinent to gain scholarships. This, provides a financial incentive to choose to study in Russia. Professorial staff is cognizant of Indian students’ need to pass the MCI Screening Test, and curricula are specifically targeted to this goal. Classes in the Russian language form part of the training, facilitating opportunities for Indian medical trainees to maximize communication with hospital staff and patients during internship rotations.

Benefits to Indian Students Studying MBBS In Russian Universities in 2020

Automatic entry to courses – no Entrance Exam and no Donation Direct admission to MBBS Straightforward admission procedure Low and government-subsidized course fees Recognition of Russian medical degrees worldwide Experience of the European Standard of Living Most Russian universities provide an Indian Canteen Specific coaching for the MCI Screening Test, occasioning excellent results Provision of references, enabling Indian students to gain employment in leading hospitals across major countries of the world, particularly Australia, Canada, USA and the 100% Visa guarantee. All universities are administered by the Russian Government.

Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In Russia

Students must be aged 17 years on or before 31st December in the year of admission Candidates must achieve 50% grades in their Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) in CBSE / ISC or any other equivalent examination NEET qualification, as per the latest notification by the Board of Governors of the Medical Council of India.

Top Universities for MBBS Study in Russia

University Tuition Fees ($) Mess Fee Overhead Expenses (1st Yr Only) Total Charge (payable by student for 1st year)
Tver State Medical University Yearly package 1st to 6th year- 7000$Semi package – 1st Year -23000$
2nd to 6th year- 2400$
One time Payment – 29200$
1200$ per year 1000$ 9200$ – per year25200$ – semi package
31400$ – One time payment
Orenburg State Medical University Yearly package 1st to 6th year- 6000$Semi package – 1st Year -18400$
2nd to 6th year- 2000$
One time Payment – 23000$
1200$ per year 1000$ 8200$ – per year20600$ – semi package
25200$ – One time payment
Mari State University Per year-1st Year- 6000$
2nd to 6th Year-5000$
1200$per year 1000$ Per year- 8200$One time- 23700$
Perm State Medical University Yearly package 1st to 6th year- 5500$Semi package – 1st Year -18400$
2nd to 6th year- 2000$
One time Payment – 23000$
1200$per year 1000$ 7700$ – per year20600$ – semi package
25200$ – One time payment
Crimea Federal University 1st year – 65002nd Year – 4000
3rd year – 4000
4th Year – 4000
5th Year- 4000
6th Year- 4000
NIL 1000$ 7500$
Kursk state medical University $6280/per year NIL 1500$ 7780$
Kazan state medical university $5500/per year NIL 1000$ 6500$
Pirogov Russian National Medical Universirty $7700/per year NIL 1000$ 8700$
I M Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University $9300/per year NIL 4300$ 13600$


Students receive the following services:

  • Orientation information about the University and life in Russia
  • University admission letter
  • Invitation/VISA letter from the Russian Ministry of External Affairs
  • Visa processing by the Russian
  • Embassy
  • Immigration assistance to the Russian Federation
  • Hostel accommodation arrangements.
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