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    Why Choose Visa Connection as Study Abroad Education Consultancy?

    Overseas Education Consultants in Surat- Visa Connection is committed to helping its clients reach their goals by personalizing their experiences in a safe and comfortable environment towards making a difference. Our study abroad consultancy in Surat assists aspiring students with a range of services for instance: Help students get a scholarship to education overseas. Help students get a study abroad loans sanctioned before the admission. After that give best financing options to the students for funding overseas education with minimum hassle. Assist students throughout the whole process of foreign study. Assist with both On and Off-campus accommodation options around 14 overseas countries as per the need and budget of the student. Moreover, provide admission to abroad Universities for 700+ universities across 29 countries.

    We have eight branches around the globe and multiple offices in India to cater to your study abroad requirement. Over 15 years of experience as a Overseas Education Consultants Surat. In addition Provide online preparation for IELTS. Assist students throughout the whole process of immigration, study visa, and work permit.

    How Good Are We?


    Brief of all the services we provide

    Education advisor

    Our overseas education advisor is capable of providing professional and high-quality assistance to individuals who want to study in another nation.

    However being the best study abroad consultant in Surat, also offer guidance such as:-

    1. Application processing
    2. On and off-campus accommodation,
    3. visa application
    4. admission
    5. foreign exchange
    6. medical insurance
    7. travel insurance
    8. education loan to study abroad
    Study Abroad Consultant

    Minay Overseas

    How Can We Assist You ?

    Our Study Abroad Consultants In Surat  are able to provide professional and high-quality services to those who would wish to study abroad without IELTS, being the best consultancy in Surat, also offer guidance in application processing,

    on and off-campus accommodation, visa application, admission, foreign exchange, medical insurance, travel insurance, and education loan to study abroad. We facilitate students with each step for applying diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate.

    Live Online Coaching

    we offer IELTS, PTE, and TOEFL coaching assistance from certified trainers, which is a qualifying requirement for any overseas study. Get online IELTS, training and fulfill your dream. We have a passionate and professional team of registered migration agents, global educational consultants, and education counselors. We help you through the process and your case, with utmost caution and professionalism.

    Abroad opportunities.

    Thirdly, visa connection as Study Abroad Consultants In Surat assists you with academic programs abroad & study abroad opportunities. We are the ones who can turn them into reality with our expertise for abroad education for Indian students. Similarly visa Connection in Surat come into play as we aim to provide the students study visa in Surat with the facts about why study abroad; how to study abroad for free; full scholarships for international students; a refine career advice and guidance to those who seek to an international degree such as Master, Undergraduate, and Diploma.

    Counselor helps

    In other words, our counselor helps you to study abroad loans to be a part of the foreign student community. However, our foreign education consultants services leave no stones unturned in providing the right guidance when it comes to foreign studies.

    Immigration Agent

    We have a dedicated and professional staff of certified immigration agents, education agents, and education counsellors that will guide you through the procedure and your case with the utmost care and professionalism in order to help you obtain your visa.
    Student Visa


    Study MBBS In Russia Or Ukraine

    MBBS in Russia is a preferred choice for International students because of the highly subsidized fee by the Russian Ministry of Health & Education as compared to other western countries. High Quality of Education combined with this low cost is one of the main reasons for choosing top medical universities of Russia for MBBS. There are almost 57 medical universities in Russia. In addition, all universities are recognized by the WHO & Medical Council of leading countries for instance the U.S.A, U.K, middle east, Australia, India, Canada, etc.

    The duration of MBBS in Russia in English Medium is 6years. Students can also opt for MBBS in Russian Medium. Duration of which is 7 years which includes 1 year as Russian Language Training (Preparatory Faculty).

    Nowadays, Ukraine is gaining a lot of popularity among international students who want to pursue their MBBS from abroad. Ukraine comprises many world-class Government Medical Universities that offer MBBS, MD, and other degrees in medicine at a very affordable price.

    The students who complete their MBBS or any other medical degree from a medical university of Ukraine are eligible to apply for a job in any part of the world.


    Student Visa Consultants in Surat

    Surat, numerous students from different parts of India, come to Study Abroad Consultants In Surat for study or career guidance. We are one of the best study visa Consultants in Surat and leading study abroad agency in Surat. In addition, visa Connection not only gives students opportunities for choosing their academic programs abroad but also advises the best country for the student’s career to prosper.
    In conclusion, visa Connection – abroad study, Surat is a branch of the parent organization Visa Connection Australia, with 15 years of education consultancy services experience, ongoing encounters of our education counselors with quick student support services and point by point knowledge into each aspect of study abroad community in Surat.
    As a result, visa connection, Surat has qualified overseas education counselor for every individual who is going to aspire for the next massive step of their life.
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