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Graduate Management Admission Test

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is designed to evaluate the candidates aiming to enter the MBA (Masters in Business Administration) course or Masters in Finance-related programmes.

The exam tests the writing, analytical, verbal, quantitative reasoning, and reading skills of the candidate in standard written English language.

The score is accepted in more than 1500 graduate business schools around the globe. It is a computer-based exam with exception to some places where the paper-based system is still followed.

GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) is the administrative and conducting body for GMAT. It determines the skillset measured by the GMAT and what methodology can be adapted to assess it. The body also decides the format and question paper pattern.
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Computer Adaptive Test

Executive Assessment

GMAT assessment is an exam by GMAC for the E-MBA programs. EMBA stands for Executive MBA. EMBA is a short duration program for working professionals who want to improve their managerial and leadership skills while already being employed or after gaining certain level of experience.

EA exam is called a mini-GMAT exam. EA exam focuses more on Integrated reasoning, more appropriate for qualified candidates.

GMAT Eligibility

GMAT eligibility for Graduates who are willing to pursue their postgraduate studies in management schools or the business schools around the world. Therefore, there is a minimum age requirement specified for the same. However, with a parent or custodian candidates under 18 years of age be able to also appear for the exam.

GMAT Exam Dates & Registration

Candidates can turn up for the GMAT Exam 2023 all over the year, though it is each time advisable to check the test center availabilities and local holidays for the same. Once a candidate has appeared for GMAT, he can only retake the exam after 16 days. For GMAT EXAM 2023 it remains the same.

Generally, the registration for the GMAT will be done online by the candidate for the convenient date and time suited according to the date of their application or other factors.

GMAT Exam 2023 Fees

The GMAT fees could be different with the country and province you are applying from, but generally, they are around 250$ to 280$. However, as the fees differ from region to region, it is best to check first on the official website.

GMAT Preparation & Exam Pattern

GMAT contains of four subjects and the exam goes for three and a half hours. GMAT test-takers are assessed in the following subjects:

1. Analytical Writing Assessment:

2. Quantitative:

3. Verbal: Integrated Reasoning
Subject Type of Questions No. of Questions Time Duration
Verbal 1.Reading Comprehension
 2.Sentence Correction
 3.GMAT Critical
36 65
Integrated Reasoning Reasoning
 1. Graphics Interpretation
 2. Table Analysis
 3. Multi-Source Reasoning
4. Two-Part Analysis
12 30
Quantitative 1. Problem Solving
2. Data Sufficiency
31 62
Analytical Writing Analysis Essay
1 30
Optional Breaks (2 Breaks) 8 Minutes
Total 80 3 Hours 30 Minutes

GMAT Exam 2023

For GMAT preparation the candidates should be well acquainted with the pattern that follows:

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

The Analytical Writing Evaluation is mostly famous as the ‘essay/ section. It assesses the writing skills of a candidate. This section has only one essay writing. This is the only segment of the test that is not multiple-choice based. These essays are marked by a human grader and a computer grading system and then marks are averaged for your final score. 30 minutes are given to complete this section. The scores are marked in the range of 0-6. In this generally, a short argument is provided and instead of presenting one’s own viewpoint, or stream of ideas, the candidate is required to critically analyze the argument and classify the accuracy of the author’s evidence and reasoning.

GMAT Integrated Reasoning (IR)

This section consists of a total of 12 questions which may have multiple parts. These are multi-source reasoning questions. Time duration of 30 minutes is given to complete this section. The scores are marked in the range of 0-8.

Quantitative Reasoning

This section aims to assess your basic mathematical knowledge of concepts like arithmetic and number properties, algebra, and geometry.The range of score is 0 to 60. There are a total of 37 questions which are divided into two question types:
Step One:

Data Sufficiency

Data Sufficiency question type consists of a question with two statements. Candidates have to determine whether the given statements provide sufficient data required to answer the question or not. GMAT math requires one to quickly recognize the information one would need to solve the problem and to capably eliminate the wrong answer choices. There are about 17 or 18 questions of this type.
Data Sufficiency
Step Two:

Problem Solving

Problem Solving is a typical test question type. Test takers are provided with a question and five possible answer choices for it. This question type uses the math of high school–level up to algebra and plane geometry. This is to evaluate the candidate’s critical thinking skills. There are about 19 or 20 questions of this type.
Problem Solving
Step Three:

Verbal Reasoning

The GMAT Verbal section is designed to assess candidate’s understanding of written English and ability to analyze arguments and read critically. 75 minutes is allotted to complete this section. The scores are marked in the range of 0-60. There are a total of 41 questions in this section. There are three question types in this section:
Verbal Reasoning
Step Four:

Critical Reasoning

GMAT Critical Reasoning questions assess the skills in making, comprehending arguments, and working out a plan of action. There will be a short argument or a sequence of statements and a question relating to the same. In this one need to understand the structure of arguments and need to have a thorough logical analysis of the relations between evidence and conclusions. This section contains approximately 11 questions.
Critical Reasoning

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Sentence Correction

Here candidate is provided with typically long and involved sentences. A part of the complete sentence will be highlighted, and the test taker is expected to find the best adaptation of the underlined section out of the original or one of four alternatives. The sentence may contain no or one, two, or more errors. This section contains approximately 16 questions.

GMAT Reading Comprehension

These types of questions assess one’s critical reading skills. More specifically, these questions assess the candidate’s ability to summarize and comprehend the main idea, make conclusions based on information in a text, analyze the logical structure of a passage, and infer the author's tone and attitude about a topic. These are generally academic reading passage, or some generic topics related to social science, business, biological science, or physical science. You will then have to answer approximately 14 questions about the text.

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GMAT Scores

There are two types of GMAT Scores one often hears about. The unofficial scores are the scores one sees just after finishing the test at the center. These are just for the candidate’s reference, and they should not be used anywhere officially. The scale of GMAT test scores is between 200 to 800, and they come in multiples of 10 like 710, 720, and so on. Also note, that the final GMAT results are declared after three weeks of the exam and only that can be further used for admissions.

About GMAT preparation, the right way to go is:

For Verbal, the candidates will have to practice reading comprehension from different texts, understand and work on their English Grammar, and reading abilities.

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GMAT 2023 Scholarships for B-Schools

Top Business Schools with GMAT scholarships

University/B-School Scholarships
 Stanford Graduate School of Business  The Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship
Haas School of Business Dr. Tahir Fellowships
Booth School of Business The Zonis Fellowship
Akhtar Ali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship
Harvard Business School Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship
The Robert S. Kaplan Life Sciences Fellowship
HBS Fellowship Programs
Wharton School of Business Emerging Economy Fellowships
Social Impact Fellowship
Joseph Wharton Fellowship
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GMAT test is not the only criteria to fulfill to get a scholarship. There are many other requirements. The scholarships are mostly merit-based or need-based (for the candidates with financial hardships). Not all the scholarships apply to all the B-schools.

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