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Why Choose to Study in Canada

Canada's globally recognized universities offer affordable, hands-on programs. Enjoy life in top cities like Vancouver and Toronto and advance your career in a stable, resource-rich economy.

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Popular Courses

Certain courses can enhance your prospects for permanent residency in Canada due to high demand in various fields. Here are some programs that can lead to careers in areas prioritized by Canadian immigration policies:

Nursing and Healthcare

Programs in nursing, medical laboratory technology, and public health.


Gaining expertise in civil, mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.

Computer Science

Courses in software development, data analytics, cybersecurity, and network support.

Skilled Trades

Programs in plumbing, electrical work, welding, and construction management.

Early Childhood Education

Training in childcare and early childhood education.

Business and Finance

MBA courses, accounts, and finance management.

Agriculture and Agri-Food

Studies in agricultural science, agribusiness, and food technology.
These courses align with the needs of the Canadian labor market and can improve your chances of securing permanent residency through various provincial nominee programs (PNPs) and the Express Entry system.
    • One of the Safest Countries: Enjoy a secure environment.
    • Hands-on Learning: Practical and engaging education.
    • Paid Internships: Gain work experience while studying.
    • Post-Study Work Visa: Up to 3 years of open work permit after completion of course.
    • Great Immigration Options: Excellent pathways to permanent residency.

Canada offers high-quality education at affordable rates. Tuition fees vary by institution and program:

  • Undergraduate Programs: CAD 15,000 to CAD 35,000 per year
  • Graduate Programs: CAD 10,000 to CAD 30,000 per year

Scholarships and financial aid are available to help reduce costs.

  • Among the world's wealthiest nations, Canada offers abundant opportunities for those aiming to study, live, and thrive.
  • Its progressed Financial management is driven by , Energy, Manufacturing , Agriculture ,Technology, Manufacturing and Services.
  • Top careers for international students include engineering, construction, IT, healthcare, law, and banking & finance.
  • Canada has a job growth rate that beats its population growth, offering a high standard of living for all residents, with global students.

Scholarships in Canada are limited and highly competitive compared to those in the USA, UK, or Australia. Key points to note:

    • Eligibility: Based on excellent academic grades and high English proficiency scores.
    • Automatic Awards: Many universities certainly count eligible students for scholarships without a individual application.
    • Application Required: Some scholarships require a specific application.
    • Continued Excellence: While most scholarships are awarded at the entry level, some require maintaining high academic performance in subsequent years.
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Proof of English Proficiency

  • Masters: IELTS 6.5 (min 6.0), TOEFL 88, PTE 62
  • Postgraduate Diplomas: IELTS 6.5 (min 6.0), TOEFL 88, PTE 62
  • Bachelors: IELTS 6.5 (min 6.0), TOEFL 79, PTE 62
  • Undergraduate Diplomas: IELTS 6.0 (min 6.0), TOEFL 79, PTE 58 

Work Permit for Students in Canada

Work While You Study
  • Part-Time: Over 20 hours/week during academic sessions.
  • Full-Time: Up to 40 hours/week during breaks.


  • Enrolled in a 6+ month program at a Designated Learning Institution.
  • Co-op & Internships,
  • Co-ops: Semester or longer, often paid.
  • Internships: 15-30 days, may be paid or unpaid.
Post Study Work Visa in UK


    • Graduate from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
    • Studied full-time for at least 8 months
    • Apply within 180 days of receiving final marks
    • Study Less than 8 months: Not eligible
    • 8 months to <2 years: Matches program length
Visa Duration
    • 2 years or more: Up to 3 years
    • Master’s degree: 3 years
    • No job offer required. Gain valuable Canadian work experience!
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Popular Universities

Canada is place to 3 universities ranked including the top 100 in the world:

    • University of Toronto
    • McGill University
    • University of British Columbia

Also, 10 other Canadian universities are recorded between the top 300 globally:

    • University of Alberta
    • McMaster University
    • University of Montreal
    • University of Waterloo
    • University of Western Ontario
    • University of Calgary
    • Queen’s University
    • Dalhousie University
    • University of Ottawa
      These universities provide outstanding education and research opportunities across a wide range of fields.

Add Your HeadingFast-Track Your Canadian Permanent Residency with the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Text Here

• Provincial Nomination as a rapid pathway to Canadian Permanent Residency.
• Example: Students graduating from institutions in Saskatchewan can apply for PR through the PNP if the province is active at that time.
• Provinces involved: “Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon.”
• Super Visa availability for parents and grandparents of Canadian residents or citizens.
• Super Visa details: a temporary resident permit allowing stays of up to 2 years per visit, valid for up to 10 years.

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Is it easy to find part-time work while studying?
  • Yes, students with a valid study permit can usually find part-time work on or off campus throughout their studies.
  • Openings are available in sectors such as retail, hospitality, and management.
Is there a minimum age requirement for students to study in Canada?
  • The age restricts for students studying in Canada is not specified.
  • Nevertheless, individual universities or programs may have their own age requirements or preferences.
Is there a way to get family to Canada?
  • Yes, students can bring their immediate family members, such as spouse/common-law partner and dependent children, to Canada.
  • They may possibly need to apply for visitor visas or study permits based on their specific conditions.
What is the acceptable study gap for students applying to Canadian universities?
  • Canadian universities typically evaluate study gaps on a case-by-case basis.
  • Some courses may consider applicants with difficulty in studying, particularly if they possess relevant work experience or pursue other learning opportunities during that period.
Can students apply for permanent residence in Canada after studying?
  • It is possible that students can apply for settlement through different migration programs.
  • Such as the “Canadian Experience Class under Express Entry, provincial nominee programs , or family sponsorship”.
What is the hit rate for Canadian educational visas?
  • The success rate for Canadian study visas varies based on individual circumstances, including the applicant’s background, financial stability, academic credentials, and immigration history.
  • Preparation and meeting all requirements are crucial to increase chances of approval.
Are there affordable study options in Canada?
  • Some Canadian institutions offer more affordable tuition fees compared to others, making them accessible options for students.
  • Moreover, scholarships, financial assistance, and part-time employment openings can be beneficial for surviving expenses.
Are part-time earnings enough to cover living costs in Canada?
  • Part-time income can contribute to living expenses, such as housing, food, and transport, for students in Canada.
  • However, budgeting and financial planning are essential to manage expenses effectively.
Are 2-year bachelor's degrees accepted in Canada?
  • Yes, some colleges and universities in Canada accept 2-year bachelor’s degrees.
  • These programs are designed to be intensive, offering a quicker path to graduation compared to traditional 4-year programs.
What are the working rights for spouses of students in Canada?
  • Spouses or common-law partners of students with a valid study permit are entitled for an open work permit in Canada.
  • Permitting them to work full-time or part-time for the length of the study permit.
Is it viable to education in Canada with no IELTS examination?
  • Canadian colleges typically expect evidence of English proficiency such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.
  • Some institutions may accept alternative forms of demonstrating English proficiency or provide language training programs as part of their admission criteria.

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