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SAT Exam 2023

The Scholastic Assessment Test abbreviated as SAT, was before known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test

SAT exam is a standardized test managed by the College Board and is required to be taken by students looking for admission to undergraduate schools. SAT exam preparation has been developed to get an idea about the verbal, written and mathematical ability of the applicant. The applicant who wants to take up undergraduate programs, particularly in Canada and the US, are necessary to take the SAT Exam. SAT is held and organized by the College Board who also specify the SAT syllabus.

The SAT exam is a useful tool to check candidate’s acumen preparedness for university admissions and assess the future academic success of the said candidate looking for admission to undergraduate programs at various educational universities abroad. 

Why Take this SAT Exam?

Students looking to enroll in the undergraduate programs in the US or any other country usually go for the SAT exam which is in many cases a mandatory criterion. Most of the reputed colleges nowadays require the SAT score for admission in their undergraduate courses. Additionally, many institutions also offer SAT scholarship to the candidate based upon their SAT score results.

Skills tested from SAT Exam 

Recently along with the ‘TOEFL – Home’ edition. ETS has also launched a shorter but equally effective version of the TOEFL test called the TOEFL Essential Test which is available to students from August 21, 2021, onwards.

SAT Exam 2023 Eligibility

The College Board have not prescribed any specific SAT exam eligibility criteria, however, the candidates aged between 17-18 years usually take the exam for getting admission into colleges for undergraduate degree programs. In simpler words, high school students choose to take SAT exam.

SAT Registration

SAT online registration includes four stages – creating a student’s profile; filling out the application form; booking the test date and test center; paying the necessary fee.

SAT Prepration & Syllabus

SAT online registration includes four stages – creating a student’s profile; filling out the application form; booking the test date and test center; paying the necessary fee.

Types of SAT Syllabus

There are 2 categories of SAT Exams as mentioned below:

1.SAT General Test

2.SAT Subject Test.


SAT General Test is more common among the two SAT tests and in most of cases, it is used by the undergraduate colleges for enrolment of students. The Scholastic Assessment Test evaluates the written, verbal, and mathematical ability of the student.

SAT Subject Test

SAT Subject Tests are more subject centric, and they allow students to take the exam for a specific subject they are confident in. 20 different kinds of tests are there in SAT Subject Tests which are bifurcated into 5 subject areas. These subjects are further categorized into smaller topics. The various SAT Subjects include:

1. Mathematics

2. English

3. Science

4. History and

5. Languages

SAT Exam Pattern

Sat exam pattern includes the following section:


52 multiple choice questions in 5 passages to be attempted in 65 minutes


44 multiple choice questions in 4 passages, which should be attempted within 35 minutes


58 questions to be attempted in 80 minutes.
Subjects for SAT Reasoning Test Number of Questions Total Duration (mins)
Reading 52 65
Writing & Language 44 35
Mathematics 58 80
Essay (optional) 01 50
Aggregate 155 230

Sat Exam Pattern & Tutorial

You can get more clarity about SAT curriculum from the following table:

SAT Subject SAT Syllabus Units
Reading This section includes questions on Sentence Completion, Tests understanding of passages from the US and World Literature, History/Social Studies, and Sciences etc. 1. Reading comprehension
2. Sentence completions
3. Paragraph length Critical Reading
Writing and Language This section includes questions on, expression of ideas and standard English conventions through passages relating to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities, and Sciences. 1. Essay section

  2. Multiple choice sections
Math This section includes questions on problem-solving, data analysis, algebra, and advanced math. 1. Algebra and functions

  2. Geometry Statistics

  3. Probability and Data analysis
Essay (optional)
One optional essay
This section requires students to evaluate an argument through the analysis of evidence.
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SAT Scores

The SAT exam is measured on an SAT total score of 400 – 1600, with 1600 being the highest possible score one can achieve. SAT exam consists of sub-scores and cross-test scores which are additional measures to examine the proficiency level of the candidate.
Sections Score Types
SAT Total Score 400 – 1600
SAT Sectional Scores 200 - 800
SAT Test Scores 10 - 40
SAT Cross-Test Score 10 - 40
SAT Sub-scores 1 - 15

Sectional Scores:

SAT sectional score comprises of evidence-based reading/writing/language and math.

Cross-Test Scores:

Comprises of analysis in history/social studies and science

Sub-scores: Performance is measured based on:

o Control over the evidence.
o Usage of words in context.
o Interpretation of ideas.
o Standard English Rules.
o Detailed Algebra.
o Problem-solving and analysis of data.
o Path to Advanced Math.


The SAT essay is an optional section whose score is not computed with the SAT total score. A separate section is there on the report card showing the marks scored in the Essay. It is scored based on Reading, Analysis, and Writing. An SAT score range of 2 - 8 is marked in each of the above-mentioned areas A good SAT score makes you competitive for the schools one wants to attend.

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SAT score chart for the year 2020 for 20 most popular schools is given for the reference

(Note: The 25th/75th percentile range describes the scores of the middle 50% of all students admitted to a particular school).

SAT scores are typically viewable online starting 13 days after your test date and if you have attempted an essay also then you will have to wait for 15 days. A key point to remember is that the summer test date in June takes about five-week. The validity of SAT Score result is for a period of 5 years.
School 25th %ile SAT Score 75th %ile SAT Score US News Ranking Acceptance Rate
Princeton 1440 1570 1 6%
Harvard 1460 1580 2 5%
Columbia 1450 1560 2 6%
MIT 1500 1570 2 6%
Yale 1470 1560 5 6%
Stanford 1440 1550 6 4%
UChicago 1470 1570 6 7%
Penn 1440 1560 8 8%
Caltech 1530 1570 9 6%
Johns Hopkins 1450 1560 9 11%
Johns Hopkins 1450 1560 9 11%
Northwestern 1450 1540 9 9%
Duke 1450 1570 9 9%
Dartmouth 1450 1550 13 8%
Brown 1420 1550 14 8%
Vanderbilt 1450 1560 14 10%
WUSTL 1470 1570 14 15%
Rice 1450 1560 17 11%
Cornell 1420 1540 17 11%
Notre Dame 1400 1550 19 17%

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