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Pearson Test of English (PTE) is now one of the widely taken English language tests across the globe. It is a computer-based examination taken by candidates all over the world as the test is used as an admission criterion by most of the universities abroad, especially in the native English-speaking countries

For some countries like Australia, it is also used for immigration. Just like IELTS and TOEFL, this test too focuses on the day-to-day usage of the language to prepare and evaluate students to live and study in the said countries. There are two formats of the PTE: the PTE Academic Test and the PTE General Test. Lots of candidates take the PTE test for the Australian Migration process, too.
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PTE Eligibility :

There are no specific academic criteria for the PTE Academic test or PTE general test.

The candidate must be at least 16 years of age and if the candidate is between 16 and 17 years of age, there is a requirement for a letter from a parent or a guardian.
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PTE Exam Prepration & Tutorials


To register for PTE, one must create an account with Pearson and book for the exam. One must submit their personal information, contact information, additional information, and then in the final step, then create the account. To schedule an exam, one has to then log in the said account on the Pearson website, and then book the date and test centers.

PTE Exam Pattern for PTE Academic test and General test:

As mentioned before, for the PTE preparation, the three modules mentioned below needs to be prepared:

1.Speaking and Writing



The time allotted to these sections is 77-93 minutes for PTE Speaking and Writing, 32-40 minutes for reading, and 45-57 minutes for Listening. The total duration of a PTE exam is around 3 hours, which makes it one of the shorter language exams around.

PTE Preparation for PTE Academic test and General test:

For PTE exam preparation, one has to understand the PTE syllabus and exam pattern as there is no fixed syllabus given The PTE preparation has to be done for all the modules of the language i.e. PTE Listening, PTE Reading, PTE Writing, and PTE Speaking. Acquaintance with daily use of the language is a must, as there is no specific PTE tutorial that has been given. However, be assured that we at Minay Overseas provides best PTE Tutorials and guidance as needed for the PTE exam preparation.

PTE Exam Fees

The test Fees for the PTE vary with the locations. Here is what the (approximate) PTE exam costs in different parts of the world:
Australia 340 AUD
Canada 300 CAD
China 275 USD
France 255 USD
Germany 231.34 USD
India 13300 INR
Italy 230 EUR
New Zealand 385 NZD
UK 155 GBP

PTE Scores:

PTE scores are declared within 5 business days of the test, which is the USP of the examination as we mentioned above. The scores for PTE are declared the quickest of all the English language tests taken worldwide. The scores of PTE have a range of 10 to 90 for all four modules.

PTE Exam Pattern

The PTE exam 2023 format is made up of three main sections. They include Speaking & Writing, Reading, and listening sections. Each section is scored separately, and you get an overall PTE exam score, too.

PTE Syllabus:

The course outline of PTE consists of the following aspects of the language. The syllabus of Speaking and Writing consists of a personal Introduction, essay, summarize written text, answer the short question, and much more. There will be a dedicated time duration for the Essay writing, which is 20 minutes. The overall timings of the section are 77 to 93 minutes, while for speaking, the pattern pretty much remains the same and it will be an assessment of the English-speaking abilities of the candidate. One will be asked to provide their introduction, read aloud from the academic texts, and so on.

The PTE reading section will consist of Fill in the blanks, re-order paragraphs, and additional questions in the form of multiple-choice questions. The reading section for the PTE is for around 32 to 41 minutes. The section is an assessment of a candidate’s ability to read and understand the written text. There are five sections in the reading section, which overall adds up to the 32–41-minute duration of the section.

The PTE listening section has questions like Writing from dictation, underlining inaccurate words, Filling the blanks, and choosing the missing word. There are a number of other types of questions.

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PTE Exam Syllabus Detailed Information:

 Section  Duration  Types of Questions  Time Duration
 Speaking & Writing  77 to 93 Minutes  Personal Introduction  25 seconds to Prepare 30 seconds to Record
 Read Aloud  30-40 seconds to Prepare
 Repeat Sentences  3-9 seconds to Prepare 15 seconds to Record
 Describe Image  25 seconds to Study the Image and Respond
 Retell Lecture  40 to 90 seconds to Answer
 Short Questions  20 seconds (10 to Answer)
 Summarize Text  10 Minutes
 Essay  20 Minutes

PTE Reading Pattern:

 Section   Duration  Types of Questions  Length of Text 
 Reading  32 to 41 Minutes  Multiple Choice, Single Answer  300 Words
     Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer  300 Words
     Paragraph Reorder  150 Words
     Fill in the Blanks (Reading)  80 Words
     Fill in the Blanks (Reading & Writing)  300 Words



 Types of Questions

 Time Duration


 77 to 93 Minutes 

 Highlight the correct summary

 30-90 seconds



 Multiple-choice questions, Single Answer 

 30-60 seconds



 Select missing word

 20-70 seconds



 Fill the blanks

 30-60 seconds



 Highlight incorrect words

 15-50 seconds



 Write from dictation

 3-5 seconds



 Summarize spoken text

 50 to 70 words, 60-90 seconds to Prepare 

 10 Minutes to Write 



 Multiple-choice questions, Multiple Answer 

 40-90 Answers

PTE Preparation with Minay Overseas

the best PTE online coaching provider in the business.
At Minay Overseas, we provide the best crafted study material on the subject and provide the classroom recordings for later reference. Our module for PTE academic test and general test is tailored to fit the requisites of the program, we provide 12 dedicated classes with one mock test as a drill practice to give students close to the genuine experience of taking the PTE exam.
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Our Tips for Different Sections are given below:

PTE Tutorials plays a contributory role in cracking any exam successfully. When giving full attention and concentration while PTE exam preparation each section can be mastered, as the test checks your regular communication skills in the English language.
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PTE exam preparation tips for Speaking Section:

PTE exam preparation tips for
Writing Section:

PTE exam preparation tips for Listening Section

Be smart while using the erasable note board booklet. Use it only when you know you have enough time to transfer your answers onto the screen or just type notes directly onto the screen.

Do not spend too much time on particular tasks by neglecting others. The Listening section has the most task types, so manage the time properly

And do not spend too much time to brood over …just enroll quickly at the Minay Overseas to ensure the great scores at upcoming PTE exam 2022.
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