F.A.Q- Get To Know

F.A.Q- Get To Know
The cost of studying abroad depends upon the country, university, and course you choose. Every country has a different fees structure and that totally depends upon you what you want to choose.
You can save a good amount of money while studying abroad. That totally depends on you that which lifestyle you choose and what are your expenses. If you make a balance between your earnings and expense saving a good amount is not a big deal.
There are many scholarship programs in different colleges. Globally approximately one million dollars worth of scholarship is awarded. It depends upon the country and the college you choose to study.
The duration of courses depends upon the type of program you like to choose if it is an undergraduate program it may be of three to four years. Post-graduation program is of 1.5 to 2.5 years and PHD programs are of 3.5 years.
Yes, the option of part time job is open for every student in abroad countries. Almost every student earns their basic expenses by doing part time job. Studying in abroad can be expensive and doing a part time job can help you in handling those expenses.
Accommodation is the biggest concern of every student when it comes to studying abroad. There are many options available for accommodation like there are on-campus and off-campus hostels where you can stay easily. Other options are also available for you to choose your accommodation like you can rent an apartment according to your convenience.
The admission process of colleges arises from country to country. Many universities have very high cutoff and others don’t. The value of good percentage also fluctuates from different courses.
If you want to continue your study in countries like Germany and France then you need to have a blocked account. This account is nothing but just a money deposit account which shows that you have enough money to survive in the country. The government of these countries is very strict about the process of blocked accounts you can’t enter the country without it.
The amount that you have to show in the blocked account depends on the country’s international rules. Mostly it is around the thousand euros that mean you can survive in that country for some period of time until you find a job and starts earning.
It is not tough to get student visa if you have proper documents and a financial proof that you are eligible of paying your tuition fees. The approval letter from the university is also considered valuable in the process of your visa.
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