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    Welcome to Minay Overseas | The Best Visa Advisers

    Meet our highly energetic overseas education consultants in India who are focused on providing end to end assistance to help students to meet their goals. Our Expert team provides professional consultation in drafting your application, and we commit to provide high-level services.

    Who ?

    Who are We ?

    We are a fast-growing consultant company helping students to search and apply to different overseas universities with our extensive support. Our dedicated officials help you in every step like test preparation, country and course selection, visa processing, etc.
    We have been successful in recruiting more than 1000+ students in popular countries

    The USA, The UK, Canada, New Zealand, and many more. We have been successful in fulfilling the dreams of all those people who had wished to study abroad. Our expertise lies in helping the students in choosing the best universities. We have the best study abroad consultants in India who provide the best test preparation and coaching to students.Our company is known for helping clients with overseas education loans so that no one’s dreams shatter.

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    Why Choose Us

    Why Choose us as your
    Education Consultant?

    Isn't it essential to get good results? The answer is yes, you expect good results when you are spending your time and money. Immigrating abroad to pursue your dreams is a big decision. Visa connection ensures high-quality services as we have our branches across India. Our services are available in states like Bhopal, Indore and Vadodara. We provide you many services and fair reasons to choose us like:

    Preparation Techniques

    What are the preparation techniques of overseas
    Education consultants in Vadodara?

    Individual Attention

    Our experts have years of experience, and they know how to make the study plan for aspiring students. We even customise our study programmes according to the students as we provide individual attention by assigning experts to you.

    Learning Resources

    We provide various learning resources, some are customised and others are pre-planned. Our experts follow a skill-based approach, and we do not teach the tricks but lay a strong foundation to achieve success. We provide you with conceptual learning followed by extensive practice and tests. We provide up to date books to strengthen the foundation to clear the test.

    Mock tests and preparation

    Now, studying in Russia and Ukraine for aspiring MBBS students is easy. Our experts are highly qualified in the overseas education domain and have helped thousands of students with test preparations.

    We helped many students to live their dream of pursuing an MBBS from countries like Kyrgyzstan and Caribbean Island. The reason students wish to pursue their careers from these countries is because of the expertise and low education cost. Minay Overseas is the best overseas education consultants in Bhopal also provides financial aid and scholarships.

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    How is the study abroad consultants
    in Vadodara unique?

    Our Success Rate

    Our consultants have a highly qualified background, and they know what it takes to study from a reputed college/university. They have gone through the competitive processes and thus guide you the right way. It's all because of the right guidance of consultants and expert teachers that we deliver results, and our success rate is more than 90%. Our consultants carefully inspect your application and help you to prepare documentation.

    Highly Customised Approach

    Every student is unique and has different abilities, so we draft programs according to the student. Our experts analyse the performance and progress, and we don't rely on any templates. We design our student's applications in a specific manner to make them applicable to all the universities.

    Focused and Rigour

    What you do in academics does not define what you will do in the test. However, the way you are performing in the mock tests and the hard work pays off. Our experts are focused on molding students to be hardworking to achieve success.

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    Book an appointment or submit your inquiry. Over overseas Education consultants will reach you within no time.

    Quick response in no time

    Our consultants are humble and will reach you after you post your query. Our consultants will understand your requirements and guide you from the scratch.

    Let's begin your Abroad journey

    From beginning to end till you get admission to the top reputed universities, we are with you. We are here to help you to make your process hassle-free.

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