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    Minay Overseas was started with the aim of fulfilling the dream of those aspirants who want to make their career by studying at foreign universities. We have the best team of overseas study consultants who can guide aspiring students on how to apply for foreign universities like the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, etc. Along with this, we provide the aspirants with realistic expectations with proper guidance as Study Abroad Consultants In Indore. Every candidate is equal to us, and we consider their dreams as ours. Our team provides relevant counselling, constant support, guidance that can help you to make the right decisions.

    Minay Overseas offers Student visa services for Indian citizens living in Indore. We are proud to work on the major competencies like innovation, security, service, and simplicity. In our 15 years of visa immigration services, we have helped thousands of candidates in fulfilling their dreams.

    What does the study abroad consultants in Indore do?

    Talking about our services, we offer the following things.

    Course advice

    Choosing the country to select the university where you can study can be a daunting task. Thus, our expert overseas Education consultants in Indore can help you overcome this challenge. We can help you find the best educational course and universities matching your set career goals.

    Visa Application Assistance

    We help candidates in preparing the right visa application to get going in the first visa filing attempt. Our Study Abroad Consultants In Indore experts have now more than a decade of experience in filing visas for many people other than students. We have helped many people in filing dependent visas and now they are happily lading their lives Abroad.

    Finance and Scholarship

    Our Student Visa experts can guide you through the education loan processes and which kind of financial assistance can help you. If you are short of funds, our expert consultants can help you. We have a list of some cooperative and Nationalized banks that offer education loans and have a reasonable interest rate. Moreover, we offer scholarship information to students so that they can get financial aid and don’t have to compromise their dreams.

    Admission Guidance

    No matter whether your application is paper-based or online because we pay special attention to our clients. If you are an aspirant who wants to take admission guidance, we are here because our study visa consultants in Indore are specialized in this field.

    IELTS, GMAT, SAT Preparation

    To thrive in the IELTS and other examinations, it is necessary to do up to the mark preparation, Qualifying in IELTS becomes easy when you have a guiding force, and this test is generally accepted when you apply for the visa. Our immigration consultants in Indore can provide outstanding IELTS, TOEFT, GRE, SAT, MAT training to the students. We serve our clients in every possible way and leave no stone unturned in fulfilling their dreams. You might think GMAT, IELTS, PTE difficult exams, but with us, you will be able to give all the standardized exams fearlessly.

    Short term and long term visas

    Whether you want to go for a vacation or business trip, we can file your visa as our visa consultants have the appropriate knowledge of the rules and regulations of the other countries. We can help you with those short-term visas in which you can visit the other countries for around 6 months but no longer than this.

    How do we help Students?

    Student Visa

    Why Choose immigration consultants in Indore?

    It has been over 15 years of establishment as Study Abroad Consultants In Indore and we have consistently delivered unparalleled services and guided the right path to our clients. The business owners, permanent visa aspirants, and other business investors, whosoever is interested, can come to us because we aim to deliver the best and ethical as per the laws and rules.

    Candidates aspire to move to these countries because of high-quality education and career growth. Moreover, studying in Abroad has benefits like students getting the chance to gain the perspective of international students.

    They learn to dive and survive into different cultures. Students get a chance to experience diverse cultures, personalities, and different teaching styles. Minay Overseas is always at the service of different clients and tends to fulfill their dreams going that extra mile.

    Student Visa
    Student Visa

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