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As in increase in population globally, the health care professionals are in shortage which is an alarming international concern, every country is worried about health of their nation and the demand is increased for health care professionals, after COVID the whole world is alarmed, even COVID is in control still all nations are worried and planing to work hard on health issues to control such kind of disasters. So have you ever thought about to work overseas as a nurse and help to tackle this problem? Consider applying for an Australia work visa, which can open doors to numerous opportunities in the healthcare sector.

So in this blog, we will show you the steps of becoming nurse in Australia, different type of Nursing jobs, how much they get paid, how can they get australia work visa after studying Nursing and all important points that can help you.

Demand of Nursing Professionals:

Demand of Nurses are increased in Australia as they are facing ageing society, About 15% of nurses are retiring every year due to which they are facing shortage, and to cover this issue Australian government increase salaries of nurses to attract more people to join this filed, also they are inviting international students to study nursing and work as a nurse in Australia, after that they offer them easiest PR opportunity.

Work Environment:

Due to high demand the jobs are also highly paid with highly professional and relax environment, like in general ward one nurse take cares of 4 patients, whereas in ICU one nurse is responsible for one patient only, also there is high opportunity of growth, the nurses in Australia is not like local nurses that only do just basic patient care duty like injection and medication, but they teach them about how to operate medical equipment, how to provide diagnostic assistance, join doctors in surgeries.

How to find Highly paid Jobs?

If u studied nursing u don’t need to worry about your job, finding job is the most easiest thing in Australia for nurses, once you complete your degree most of the universities offer paid internships and after that u can get the job with internship experience more easily, you can find highly paid jobs like In-house nurses are in high demand and enjoy highly paid lucrative salaries, Office, home care, aeroplane, Schools, cruise ships, old age homes etc. All these jobs are highly paid with expected high growth.

Scholarship opportunity:

Australian Universities mostly offer a lot of scholarships, colleges and private organizations also offer scholarships to study nursing in their country and befit their economy. They mostly offer 15-30% scholarships for your entire period of study, and it depends on our last degree scores and entry requirement of provider.

PR Opportunity:

Getting PR is much more easier then other professions, Nursing is basically a pathway to PR. All nursing professionals are listed under SOL (Skilled Occupation List) they have high PR opportunities. Once u complete your studies you can Subclass 189 If its accepted your employer pays you a minimum of $53,900 per year, you can get a four year of temporary australia work visa. After that as a Nurse you will be eligible for citizenship in Australia after 4-6 years as PR.

Steps to become Registered Nurse in Australia:

Diploma of Nursing leading to Bchelors:

If u have low scores in your 12th grade or low english score u can enroll for Diploma of nursing that leads to bachelors program, and u can be a rigstered nurse in 3.5-4 years.

1. Bachelor of Nursing:

After completing your Bachelor of Nursing in Australia you can become RN (Registered Nurse) it took about 3 years.

2. Master of Nursing:

After completing your bachelors in nursing or relevent studuies u can enroll for Master of Nursing. After studing Master of Nuraing u can become registered nurse in 2 years.

3. Courses:

To become a registered nurse u can also apply for some courses like  ANMAC (Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council), NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) and OSCE (Objective structured clinical examination)

There are some specific universes in Australia that focus more on nursing programs. if u have any issues to choose right university and course for nursing don’t hesitate, for free counselling just contact Minay Overseas our team will give u the complete guidance to choose exactly what u need.

Entry Requirements:

To enroll for Master, bachelor or diploma you need to meet the requirements of university, and the most basic requirement to study nursing in Australia is English language requirement. There are 2 types of language test u can apply for before applying to nursing courses,


2. OET

For studying nursing program in Australia you must need to have overall 7 in IELTS, and B for OET, OET is occupational English test, specifically for health care professionals, it is advised to apply for OET it will give u the extra benefit if u studying nursing.  OET is same like IELTS having 4 modules, listing reading, writing & speaking.

Grades and Salaries of Nurses in Australia

Australian nurses can be divided into 12 grades. annual salary also rises. A fresher nurse’s salary in Australia is approximately 85 thousand AUD.

The following list shows each grade of nurses and the annual salary.

Grade 1: Assistant in Nursing (AIN) annual salary: 60 thousand AUD

Grade 2: Undergraduate Student Nurses/Midwife

Grade 3: Enrolled Nurses (EN) annual salary: 70 thousand AUD

Grade 4: Enrolled Nurses Advances Practice

Grade 5: Registered Nurse/Midwife (RN) annual salary: 85 thousand AUD

Grade 6: Clinical Nurse/Clinical Midwife (CN) annual salary: 100 thousand AUD

Grade 7: Clinical Nurse Consultant/Nurse Manager, Nurse Unit Manager, Nurse Educator, Nurse Research, Public Health Nurse, Nurse Practitioner Candidate

Grade 8: Nurse Practitioner (NP) annual salary: 120 thousand AUD

Grade 9: Assistant Director of Nursing/Nursing Director

Grade 10: Director of Nursing annual salary: 200 thousand AUD

Grade 11:District Director of Nursing

Grade 12:Executive Director of Nursing


Nursing is admired profession; it helps people seeking care and benefit you as a nurse financially. If you are willing to study nursing in Australia, you can get various benefits,  promising career and get job satisfaction. You can get job such as Practice Nurse, Primary Health Care Nurse, Vaccination Nurse, etc.

Nursing graduates are offered jobs at various levels based on their qualifications in Australia. You can contact Minay Overseas for proper guidance, scholarship information, visa processing, and more.

Author: Mr Manish Sharma

Study Abroad Consultant

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