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Are you considering studying abroad and embarking on an educational adventure that promises not only academic excellence but also a remarkable overall experience? Look no further than New Zealand! According to the 2023 International Student Experience survey by Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao, a whopping 84% of international students from over 70 countries gave New Zealand a resounding thumbs-up for their study experience.

Positive Ratings and Recommendations

The survey, which included 4,755 participants, revealed that a significant 84% of international students rated their overall experience in New Zealand positively. This speaks volumes about the country’s commitment to providing a welcoming and enriching environment for students from diverse backgrounds. Even more encouraging is the fact that 83% of respondents would recommend New Zealand based on their personal experiences.

This not only highlights the satisfaction of international students but also sets the stage for positive word-of-mouth recommendations, further solidifying New Zealand’s status as a top international education destination.

First Choice for Education

New Zealand emerged as the first choice of study destination for a remarkable 78% of survey respondents. This preference underscores the country’s appeal as a top-tier educational hub, attracting students from around the globe. Additionally, 64% of participants expressed that their study experience in New Zealand had either met or exceeded their initial expectations, showcasing the nation’s commitment to delivering a world-class education.

Local Perspectives:

The positive impact of international students extends beyond the survey’s findings. A separate study conducted in December revealed that 75% of 1,100 surveyed New Zealanders believe that international students contribute significantly to the country’s well-being. A remarkable shift from 2016, where only 57% believed in the economic benefits, these statistics indicate a growing appreciation for the positive influence of international students on the local community.

Benefits to in New Zealand

The December survey highlighted several reasons why New Zealanders value international students. An overwhelming 81% acknowledged that international students help local students gain exposure to different cultures and ways of living. Additionally, 80% recognized the economic benefits brought by international students, a considerable increase from 2016’s 57%.

This positive shift demonstrates the evolving perception of the significant contributions that international students make to the New Zealand economy and overall growth.


New Zealand’s stellar performance in the 2023 International Student Experience survey reflects the nation’s commitment to providing an outstanding educational experience for students from around the world. With a remarkable 84% positive rating and an equally impressive recommendation rate of 83%, it’s clear that New Zealand is not just a destination for academic excellence but a country that values and nurtures its international student community. As the word spreads about the positive experiences in New Zealand, it is set to become an even more attractive option for those seeking a top-notch education in a welcoming and diverse environment. Explore abroad, explore New Zealand!

Author: Mr Manish Sharma

Study Abroad Consultant

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