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Top Scholarships in Ireland for Indian Students in 2023

If you are planning to study in Ireland, it can be cheap if you plan in advance and apply to a range of scholarships in Ireland offered by the Irish universities and colleges. These financial aids can be partial or fully paid, depending on the criteria, course and the institution Universities of Ireland infrastructure is world-class with massive range of programs. Also, An Irish University Degree is accepted globally with Great employment opportunities.

As the Cost of studying in Ireland is very much affordable, with scholarship is an add-on to it. Scholarships are provided by the Irish colleges & Universities, the Irish Government, and many more Public and Private establishments in Ireland for students.


Eligibility for Scholarships in Ireland

International students can apply from a vast range of scholarships in Ireland. As these scholarships have a Strict selection standards and students have to face a prominent level of competition to get shortlisted. Every scholarship has its own selection standards. Sometimes one application which meets all the requirements is enough to get the scholarship but, in some cases, others have a lengthy list of eligibility criteria.

Eligibility of a student depends up on his\her good academic performance, extracurricular activities, and experience. Conditions may vary according to a student’s subjects in their last academic qualification and academic level (12th/Bachelor’s/Master’s).

Entry Requirements for International students:

  • Good academic scores
  • Volunteering Experiences
  • Written proposals are needed for research-centric programs
  • Letter of recommendation
  • With a Good Score in English language proficiency test like IELTS, DET, TOEFL & PTE

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Do not doubt your abilities, you can easily match with the entry requirement and how difficult it is to get one scholarship for yourself with a proper guidance of experts like VISAA CONNETION to qualify for a scholarship.


Scholarships for International Students in Ireland –

1.     Government of Ireland scholarship:

Students from India, China, USA, and Brazil can apply for Government scholarships in Ireland who want to be Graduated from Ireland. As this scholarship is for only one year and up to 60 Students are selected for entire academic year.

  • Eligibility:

Students from above Nations mostly get scholarship from Irish Government. Students who are in their final year of undergraduate degree, who has completed degree, One-year research program Scholars and one-year taught Master’s degree are eligible for Government of Ireland Scholarship.

  • Benefits:

Students will be awarded with €10,000 for one academic year as a support for their study and living expenses.

2.  The Walsh Fellowship:

The Walsh Fellowship is also an Irish Government Scholarship. This is an Agricultural Program Sponsored by “Development Authority of Food and agriculture Department.” Post Graduate students who are interested to do Research in subjects like Horticulture, Food, Rural Environment etc., Students can apply for these scholarships in Ireland. Nearly 30 students will be chosen for this Irish Government Fellowship.

  •  Eligibility:

Student must be involved in Full-time Master’s research program, which is mentioned above from any Reputed Irish University and Application of the student must come from college staff members ONLY.

  • Benefits:

This scholarship program provides €22,000 per annum to the candidate.

3. Irish Scholarship for International students:

International students who are Postgraduates and Postdoctoral are eligible for this Scholarship Program.

  • Eligibility:

As mentioned above only students with Graduation are eligible for this scholarship program to study in Ireland.

  • Benefits:

Irish Research council scholarship is a famous Irish scholarship as the student with this scholarship can work for full-time and also can-do Internships and training courses in Ireland.

4. Study Abroad at Dublin City University (DCU):

International students from India, Japan, USA & China with qualification of post-graduation or under graduation are rewarded with this scholarship, who are interested to study abroad in Dublin city University.

  •  Eligibility:

Students with Verified passport and Students who got their admission in Dublin city University for post-graduation or under graduation are eligible for this Scholarship.

  • Benefits:

Undergraduate students:  Scholarship of €3000 for the first academic year and €2000 for the following years of graduations.

Postgraduate students: They are awarded a Scholarship of €2000.

How to apply for the scholarship in Ireland?

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Students willing to pursue their Higher education in Ireland, should do proper research and apply for Scholarship, so that it can help you cover all your expenses. Well-known that the process of scholarships is not straightforward, so taking help of a Professional is a promising idea. With our assistance, you can prepare and do the needful to apply and secure a scholarship of your choice.

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