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Education Degree that TURNS into High Paying Jobs in Ireland

The Irish economy is one of the most active economies in the world. An increasing number of international students look to Ireland for their higher education, not only because of the excellent quality of education it offers but for its practical, job-oriented courses that offer professional development and a possible career path. Ireland allows students to experience both intellectual and cultural growth, as they pursue diverse courses that are a perfect fit for their needs and future plans.

Most Irish higher education institutions have an employment rate of 80-96%. Ireland’s graduates’ benefit from a growing demand for workers specializing in med-tech, analytics, data engineering, and data analytics, as well as life sciences, ICT, pharma, and healthcare.

What does a successful career in Ireland look like?

Ireland is one of the best European countries for multi-lingual job hunters due to the number of Technology companies and multinationals based in Dublin. As a result, an increasing number of employers are looking to recruit. An individual working in Ireland makes an average of 38,500 EUR each year. Professional salaries range from 9,730 EUR to 172,000 EUR per year. The service business also has some of the best salaries/compensations accessible to the employees. Studying masters in Ireland prepares students for successful professional and financial futures.

Job Positions

Annual Average Salary in EUR

Surgeons and Doctors






Bank Managers


Chief Executive Officers


Chief Financial Officers




College Professors


Marketing Directors




This Salary is approx. And it varies from company to company and profile to profile.

The five highest paying fields in Ireland, if you choose to study in Ireland


A business degree is invaluable and is counted among the highest paying degrees in Ireland which have its value not only in a big multinational firm but also in a business employing. Many Irish business schools, including those accredited by AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB, and others, have worldwide accreditation. Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and Galway are all home to great places to earn a business degree. MBA programs in finance, accounting, business analytics, supply chain management, etc. are available from all Irish universities.

The average annual salaries for the top 3 job titles are:

Chief Executive Officer

Average Annual Salary €163,000

Finance Director

Average Annual Salary €139,000

Sales Director

Average Annual Salary €130,000

Starting your career in sales, financial analysis, or consulting can help you earn a higher salary while gaining the knowledge and skills you need to rise to a director or executive role.


The healthcare industry offers excellent employment opportunities. The demand for health care workers is increased due to the COVID-19 and it remains extremely high at present.

The medical school in Ireland is best and they offer programs that can be completed in as less as five years. Ireland’s universities consistently rank in the top three percent of international rankings and more than 30,000 overseas students in Ireland attending schools across a wide range of discipline.

The healthcare industry makes a lot of money in following jobs:

Sales Director

Average Annual Salary €130,000


Average Annual Salary €91,000


Average Annual Salary €90,000

Information Technology:

Graduates in this field of IT have excellent job prospects in Ireland. Ireland allows students to work for free up to 2 years after graduation. Your IT support skills will be in demand across industries from healthcare to marketing. Consider one of these three top-paying positions in the information technology industry:

Technical Architect

Average Annual Salary €103,000

Software Development Manager

Average Annual Salary €101,000

Solutions Architect

Average Annual Salary €97,000


One of the many benefits of studying engineering in Ireland is the country’s priority on laboratory experience. Engineering is a lucrative decision that can bring many opportunities and job security. Here is the top 3 engineering jobs is term of salary:

Engineering Project Manager

Average Annual Salary €87,000

Automation Engineer

Average Annual Salary €72,160

Aeronautical Engineer

Average Annual Salary €63,641


It is more difficult to find work in the legal sector, expanding more slowly than other sectors in Ireland. Ireland’s legal framework consists of constitutional, common and statutory law. The Constitution of Ireland is the supreme law of Ireland. The country operates under a common law system that is modeled after the British parliamentary system.

Here are the top 3 designations in the legal sector:

District Court Judge:

Average Annual Salary €136,124


Average Annual Salary €87,764

Legal Advisor

Average Annual Salary €58,917

After knowing about the highest paying job now let’s looks at the most lucrative post-graduate programs in the country for international students.

What is the Best Paying Degree in Ireland?

You will need the appropriate education or experience to get hired by a company that offers the highest salaries in Ireland for recent college grads. these are some of the degrees to study in Ireland to have a high paying career:

Post-Graduate Department

Potential Annual Salary


€63,641 to €87,000 per year


€60,000 to €87,000 per year


€40,000 to €87,764 per year

Computer Science

€45,000 to €103,000 per year


€40,000 to €64,000 per year

Naturally, these are just estimates, but they give you a sense of what you can expect to earn after completing a degree program at an Irish university. There are a number of alternative careers in Ireland that pay more, but it will take some time for you to reach that level. If you are starting to earn a good salary right after completing your higher education in Ireland, one of these careers may be the best choice.

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Author: Mr Manish Sharma

Study Abroad Consultant

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